PsqlDbCreate released

A new utility for the Actian / Pervasive PSQL database engine has been released. This utility, PsqlDbCreate, offers the ability to create PSQL database names using a command line interface on Windows. While dbmaint exists on Linux, there is no equivalent tool on Windows. This tool aims to fill that need. All the information you […]

Creating Actian / Pervasive PSQL database using DTO and C#

Recently, a post asked how to create an Actian / Pervasive PSQL database from the command line. PSQL on Linux has the DBMAINT utility but no such utility exists on Windows. I put some code together in C# that will create a database based specified parameters. The DTO Library will need to be added as […]

Scheduled Maintenance

We will be undergoing regular maintenance starting Saturday, December 16, 2017. The site may be intermittently unavailable until Monday, December 18, 2017. We are preparing to move hosts. Note: Maintenance has been completed, but we are having small technical issues. They should be resolved soon. Update: All technical issues have been resolved.

PSQLDBSearch Released

Mirtheil Software is pleased to announce the release of PSQLDBSearch . PSQLDBSearch is a lightweight Windows application that will search an entire Actian / Pervasive PSQL database for values. PSQLDBSearch can search all of the tables or one table at a time. More information and a trial download is available at

New Release: WebViser

Mirtheil Software is pleased to announce the release of WebViser. WebViser is a lightweight Windows application that will track and monitor websites on a timed basis. If you’ve ever wanted to know if a web site goes down while you’re not looking, WebViser can help. More information and a trial download is available at

IsCmdBld.exe causes -1073741819 error

Recently while trying to build an InstallShield 2012 InstallScript installation, the Jenkins job failed because IsCmdBld.exe returned an errorlevel of -1073741819. After searching through various forums and web sites, I found a workaround that involved disabling the .NET dependency scanning. This was done by setting the “.NET Scan at Build” option on the component to […]

WebAPI routes returning 404 error.

Recently, I was working on a WebAPI project and had it working in Visual Studio 2013 using IIS Express.  Then I deployed it to a standard IIS running on Windows 7 and everything failed.   Status 404 was being returned from all routes.  I tried all of the standard troubleshooting options but finally found the […]