On this page you’ll find information, bug list, and patches for PsqlDbCreate.

General Information

PsqlDbCreate allows creation of Actian / Pervasive PSQL Database Names using a command line interface. It requires either the Actian / Pervasive PSQL client or server engine for Windows and supports PSQL v9 and later.

If you have any questions about PsqlDbCreate, post a message in the PsqlDbCreate forum.
PsqlDbCreate is available by clicking here.

Command Line Options

– DBName — Database name to create.
– DDFLocation — Location of DDFs for database name. Relative to server.
– DataLocation — Location of data files. Relative to server.
– BoundFlag — BOUND DB Creation flag.
– RIFlag — Referential Integrity DB Creation flag.
– CreateDDFFlag — Create DDF DB Creation flag.
– NAFlag — Not Applicable DB Creation flag.
– DefaultFlag — Default DB Creation flag.
– ServerName — PSQL server to use.
– UserName — User Name for server.
– Password — Password for User Name for server.
– Help — Display Usage.

The following example creates a database on a local system. The Actian / Pervasive PSQL engine must be installed on the machine where PsqlDbCreate is running.
PsqlDbCreate.exe -DBName=TestDBN -DDFLocation=c:\test -DataLocation=c:\test -CreateDDFFlag

The following example creates a databas on a remote system called “server” using the administrative user “admin”. In this case, the PSQL engine must be running on the “server” and the PSQL client must be installed on the machine running PsqlDbCreate.exe.
PsqlDbCreate.exe -ServerName=server -UserName=admin -Password=password -DBName=TestDBN -DDFLocation=c:\test -DataLocation=c:\test -CreateDDFFlag

Bug List

There are currently no known bugs.

Patches and Updates

There are currently no patches or updates. Patches and updates will be posted here as they become available.

Revision History

v1.0.18 – Initial Public release.