On this page you’ll find information, bug list, FAQs, and patches for DataXtraction.

General Information

DataXtraction allows any ODBC datasource to be extracted to either CSV (Comma Separated Values), HTML, or create an ASP or PHP page that can be used to dynamically access the table through a web browser (as served by a Web Server).

If you have any questions about DataXtraction, post a message in the DataXtraction forum.
A trial version of DataXtraction is available by clicking here.

Product Price Purchase
Single User License $40.00

Site License (licensed for as many users as you have) $250.00

Site License and Source Code $500.00

Note: Source Code is licensed. Mirtheil Software retains all rights to the original source code. Support is no longer available once licensed source code is modified.

Bug List

There are currently no known bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What databases can be accessed?
A: Any database that allows connections through ODBC. Simply create an ODBC Data Source and the data can be extracted. In addition, standard Connection Strings can be used as well. This allows OLEDB to be used for connections as well.
Q: What is the difference between exporting to ASP and to HTML?
A: DataXtraction can be used to generate a static HTML page with the data from the database or DataXtraction can generate an ASP page that will use ADO to dynamically build the page with live date from the database.

Patches and Updates

There are currently no patches or updates. Patches and updates will be posted here as they become available.

Revision History

v1.5.57 – Small fix causing INI file not to be found in some cases.
v1.5.56 – Beginning support for unattended running. Current support is handled through a new INI file named DATAXTRACTION.INI. if this file is passed as a command line parameter, the options defined in the INI file will be used and no user interface will be displayed.
v1.3.49 – Minor redesign of User Interface. Ability to use user defined Connection Strings (for OLEDB or ODBC) in addition to existing ODBC Data Source Names. Ability added to use CSS for HTML, ASP, and PHP export formats. Rewrote install to download MDAC as needed.
v1.0.28 – Minor fixes to main screen.
v1.0.25 – Initial Public release.
v0.95 – Closed Beta release.