IsCmdBld.exe causes -1073741819 error

Recently while trying to build an InstallShield 2012 InstallScript installation, the Jenkins job failed because IsCmdBld.exe returned an errorlevel of
-1073741819. After searching through various forums and web sites, I found a workaround that involved disabling the .NET dependency scanning. This was done by setting the “.NET Scan at Build” option on the component to “None”. This let the build complete with no errors displayed.
Eventually I also found one post related to an error with the InstallShield dependency scanner. This error was later found to be a known issue in InstallShield 2012. It had been fixed in InstallShield 2013 and InstallShield 2015. The forum post included a link to a Knowledge Base article ( that includes a hot fix for InstallShield 2012.